100+ Business Ideas For A New Small Business

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To start a pool cleaning business, you’ll need basic understanding of pool cleaning and maintenance, as well as a range of chemicals required to clean the pool and prevent infection . You’ll also need a series of pool cleaning device, perhaps most importantly a net for dredging large particulates from a pool. You can market your tourism business by working with the local tourist office or by simply having a sign and waiting in a popular tourist location for groups. Partnering with museums and other tourist relevant organisations is also an option. To get started as a tour guide, you’ll need to have specialist knowledge of the area you plan to take tourists around and setup predefined routes/information to provide on the tour.

  • On top of this, demand for sustainable packaging is growing – so it’s something all catering businesses need to be aware of.
  • Advisers are generally paid a consulting fee, ongoing maintenance fee and/or success fee depending on the yield of investment advice.
  • Everybody loves dogs but the majority of us have no time or energy to walk our dog/s after a busy day at the office.
  • A recent Xero survey of online small businesses showed these are the most common retail categories globally and in the UK.
  • With the explosion of platforms like Airbnb, it’s never been simpler to set up a room/s in your private home for use and cater for breakfast.
  • It could be that you have ambitions of owning numerous holiday lets and want to create a limited company to run them all through.

To distribute your eBook, you can use your own website and list your eBook for sale on platforms such as Lulu, Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo and many more. On a final note finding the right drop shipping supplier/s is critical, you need to make sure there reliable and that the delivery times are within reason, you don’t want customers cancelling orders before they arrive . A third of workers in the UK now work on a freelance or contractual basis, meaning they work on an hourly or project fee basis providing their services to other businesses in exchange for a fee. EBay is a marketplace auction where you can buy and sell virtually any new or second hands goods you could think of.

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That’s why we’ve put together some professional suggestions on startup business ideas, and where you might think to look when you want to begin your new career. Often, a new business ends up being an updated version of ones that have been around for a while. Inspiration for startups sometimes comes from other sectors or places, and, although some good business ideas are complex, most are actually quite simple. They can result from someone wanting to solve a problem, or after they spot a gap in the market.

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In fact, many of the houses or office spaces you work in may even provide their own equipment and supplies you can take advantage of. Establish a positive relationship, and make sure you can deliver on your side of things with some excellent marketing campaigns, top customer service and standout advertising. It could be personal matters, a lack of experience, or just the fact that getting started is expensive. From entrepreneur profiles and award winners to company growth news and analysis, we provide the insight every business needs to grow and thrive.

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For more information about how to make money from podcasting we recommend checking out this guide on how to make money with podcasting. A good amount of knowledge within the property sector will be crucial if you are to maintain a high level of credibility. Strong social skills are a key for this industry as you will need to network with big players in the property http://www.mcmarykom.com/ industry to start building your list of connections that will prove invaluable in the future. If you’re not sure which small business idea best suits you then going onto an online course website could be the answer you are looking for. Sites like treehouse.com and lynda.com offer a wide range of courses that could very well give you the skills you are looking for.

The user experience shouldn’t be any different, and our editorial decision making is not affected by such links. Listen to this interview with Save the Student’s founder about how he started a business in his first year of university. Save someone else the time or cost of rearranging a missed package by offering to wait in for them, or to collect it on their behalf. And if you’ve not yet got to grips with the whole thing, here’s our guide to getting started with matched betting.

In some cases, you may need to have a license, particularly if you’re doing this on a commercial scale as with a cattery or kennels. You should also have a good vet on speed dial to cover any pet health needs and make sure you have the correct insurance in place. The majority of small businesses can’t afford to have an accountant in-house so turn to local accountants or small accounting firms to help make sure their filing is correct and their tax is as efficient as possible. House sitting is where you live in and look after a property for the owners when they are away on holiday, for work or the property is owned but not in use (i.e. in-between tenants).

ECommerce has enabled many fashion brands to launch without the prohibitive costs of running a high street store. It’s not hard to find a market, especially if you use online platforms, research other internet business ideas, and get your social media right. Starting an online clothing business does still comes with significant startup costs however, such as getting your products designed and shipped. There are a host of services you can provide for clients and customers without sending them items, including becoming their personal trainer, life coach, or virtual assistant. To get started as an assistant in particular, you may wish to start advertising your services on professional platforms and find clients that you can work with in the long-term. If you’re passionate about being organised and are an experienced administrator, this is a great home-based business idea.

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