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EQUIS accreditation benchmarks against ten international standards of business schools including ethics and research. As our everyday noise gets louder, the challenge for marketers is to cut through the noise and persuade consumers to purchase a product, support a cause, or simply change their behaviour. Gap personnel needed an advertising agency to support their new product launch – gap onsite.

As with paid advertising on other social media networks, when setting up your ads you choose your objectives, audience, budget, and format. Then when you’ve gone live with your ad, you can measure its performance. There’s now lots of social media platforms, from long-term players like Meta to new upstarts like TikTok. You need maximum reach to build brand awareness and win new customers.

Include the video on your website homepage, social channels and link to it at the end of your press releases. Similar to ego bait, approach a celebrity with your product and service detailing why you’ve got in touch. The more tailored you can be with your offering, the more likely of success. Celebrities are extremely unlikely to give your business free advertisement unless you’re a friend or family member or absolutely love your product.

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Advertising is often the first touchpoint a customer may have for a brand, so it can also help to inform an audience’s first impression of a business. When using storytelling for business, marketing and advertising, make sure your stories are authentic. Know what you want to achieve, for example, a target number of clicks on an advertisement or a set number of product sales per day. With countless platforms and advertising options, it can be challenging to narrow down the choices. But to make the most of your online advertising budget, it pays to know your audience and determine what will work for your business model.

  • Before you consider engaging a website ranking specialist look at Google’s own free advice.
  • Ten years ago organisational planning paid very little regard to values and philosophy.
  • AIDA is a simple effective structure for any sort of advertising or selling communication/design.
  • The UK Advertising Standards Authority would prevent you from making overly extravagant claims anyway, but you should still attempt to make your offer seem perfectly credible.

Often the most difficult challenge in producing a newsletter is sustaining it. Pictures of customers and other people will help bring it to life. Publishing pictures of staff is also motivational for the staff, provided the presentation and context are positive of course. Follow the basic rules of AIDA, concentrating on the first two issues ofAttentionandInterest.

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But if your company is just starting out—or you need support to improve your online advertising efforts —contactKetchup Marketingfor expert adviceor complete ouronline form. Depending on your brand , blogging can also be a lucrative advertising effort. By sharing brand insights, highlighting new products and features, and engaging with customers on your website, you can use your company blog as an advertising boost.

When to use advertising vs marketing?

Many modules have assignments based on live briefs from national and international brands including BT, Harley-Davidson, and Just Eat. One way or another, we’ll make your campaigns memorable, and get people engaged. So, if you want to promote your brand in a unique low-cost way, we’ll help you think outside-the-box.

Networking isn’t just a great thing for you to do – it’s also super-important for your clients. So why not make it easier for them to network with each other by hosting your own, low-budget meetup or regular coffee morning? Open up your office, find an affordable space to rent or just meet at a cafe for an hour or two, invite your clients, lay on the espresso and pick a topic for everyone to talk about. Then make it a regular event for everyone to put in their calendar, and consider alternating hosting duties to keep the costs down.

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