Applications: 7 Investment applications registered with OJK

Primbondh/ June 28, 2022/ Business

Applications- Investment is an activity to invest capital, either directly or indirectly, with the hope of getting a number of benefits. Meanwhile, in general, investment is spending or utilizing time, money, or energy for the sake of profit or benefit in the future.

Investments are investments that allow for a profit of fewer than three years and can be immediately converted into cash or sold. Short-term investments are suitable for young people who want to prepare for their old age with sufficient pension funds. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has overseen some of these applications.


Bibit offers the convenience of investing with ‘Robo’ technology which can adjust investment patterns based on age, risk level, income, and also your life goals as an investor and provide recommendations according to the results of the analysis. The payment options also vary, including through digital wallets such as Go-Pay, OVO, m-banking, and so on.


Bareksa is a financial technology company that trades more than 40 investment managers and offers more than 150 mutual fund products. Then, Bareksa also provides investment simulators and calculators for investors to calculate the estimated return and will get it within a certain investment period.


Ajaib Group developed an application called Magic, under the auspices of PT Takjub Teknologi Indonesia. This company was founded in 2018 together with PT Ajaib Sekuritas Asia (Ajaib Sekuritas). Beginner investors can buy stock and mutual fund products directly after they get a recommendation.

Real-time update notifications are available. Real-time update notifications help investors not miss the latest updates on investment trends and usage trends in magic apps.


The Stockbit investment application in addition to providing a forum for buying and selling shares, there is also a community feature. Here, you can have discussions with other traders about stock investing.

Plant Money.

This application from PT Star Mercato Capitale targets young people who are just starting to invest as a market. Not only mutual funds, but Tanam Duit also has investment transaction services for state securities (SBN), gold bullion, and insurance.


The IPOT has collaborated with 42 investment managers and offers 259 mutual fund products. There is also an IPOT evaluator which is a mutual fund performance ranking.


Different from previous applications which sell mutual funds, stocks, to gold, LandX is a place for property investment. Here, you can buy partial ownership of a house with only affordable capital.

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