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Developing, implementing and maintaining business ethics can be time consuming, particularly if a company is looking to become more ethical when they’ve previously followed unethical practices. Ethical practices also need to be continuously updated according to changes in laws and regulations, especially as a company grows. This is supported by a dedicated compliance and investigations team, new systems and technologies, mandatory training, and a company culture based on ethical business conduct and transparency.

  • It shows that companies are putting greater attention on adopting ethics programs, adding them into a broader environmental, social, and governance framework.
  • Ethical practices also need to be continuously updated according to changes in laws and regulations, especially as a company grows.
  • We work closely with organisations to understand their needs and identify best practice in order to raise awareness of ethical issues and provide practical solutions.
  • Such a mindset might be a fashion brand whose clothes are sourced, designed and produced in ways that are kind to the environment and the workers.
  • Our Values underpin everything we do, including whom we choose to do business with and how we and our suppliers work together.
  • We’ve seen bad-acting opportunists take advantage to trade illegitimate or non-compliant products.

Confront your deepest beliefs and assumptions in a philosophical way to inform you about current debates in philosophy. You’ll develop a sense of the significance of philosophical thinking in dealing with contemporary issues. When the printed products are being made, it’ll be in an environmentally friendly way – such as using sustainable inks or energy saving printers.

Wherever you are on your energy journey, Petrofac has the expertise and experience to support.

Bringing Business Ethics And Social Responsibility Into The Workplace

We have entered a long-term engagement with an external monitor whose integrity, credibility, and experience with multinational corporate compliance programmes will be a key part of our assurance process. They will evaluate and benchmark our compliance programme to make sure it meets and exceeds regulatory expectations, make recommendations for improvement, and monitor implementation and effectiveness. Our investigations team is made of highly qualified, trained specialist investigators. To support their work, we established a new platform for anonymous issues reporting, and an agreed set of KPIs to ensure timely resolution of investigations. Leadership engagement is at the centre of our programme, and our leaders are driving its implementation.

business ethics

The committee meets regularly and receives briefings on all material risk and CSR issues, including business ethics and anti-bribery and corruption. Its purpose is to clearly articulate our ethical standards and provide employees with a guide to what is expected of them in their behaviour and business activities. It provides information on how they can get help, and also guidance on their responsibility to report, if they identify a problem.

Business Ethics Network

After all, they don’t want to be partially responsible for any unethical consequences, such as contributing to the deforestation of an area or poverty due to underpaying labourers. Confidential reporting is managed day-to-day by the Group Head of Internal Audit in order to facilitate independent investigations where required. Updates are provided to the Audit Committee and Risk & CSR Committee on the number of cases reported, the topics being raised in the reports, and the status of the investigations.

This is a course in Moral & Political Philosophy, as applied to the ethical problems faced by business, broadly defined to include private and public sectors. While the course connects individual and corporate ethical behaviour, the main focus will be on the latter. The course is designed to help students ‘think for themselves’, using ethical theory, and will encourage political and moral debate rather than providing simple answers. As you progress through the course, you’ll gain a deeper awareness of philosophical thinking, the skills of argument and presentation, and the methodology of philosophy. You’ll study business ethics in depth, and have the opportunity to select from a range of other modules offered by Henley Business School. Our team is committed to challenging unfair business practices, representing shareholders in petitions or actions against individual directors and providing robust advocacy in all aspects of commercial litigation.

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