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Being kinder to the environment ultimately benefits society because it means consumers can live in a world that’s at its best rather than at its worst or suffering. It also means consumers can start to become more aware of business ethics and choose companies who uphold strong morals to help ethical practices continue. The course begins by grounding students in the basic ethical theories, then focuses on the internal business responsibilities of employment ethics , & finally addresses external corporate social responsibility . A company’s mission, vision, and values form an ideology that describes the highest set of values that a company operates under. They describe the types of thoughts and behaviours that employees and other stakeholders should aspire to.

business ethics

The paper addresses the concepts of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. From the perspectives of MBA students and managers, it came out that business ethics and social responsibility are very important for organizational growth and success. Specifically, they consider business ethics to lead to positive employee, customer and community relations. Not only that but also, they perceive that better public image/reputation; greater customer loyalty; strong and healthier community relations can inure to the benefit of corporations that are socially responsible. We seek to anticipate, prevent and mitigate potential negative human rights impacts through our policy and processes, which underpin our commitment to responsible business practices.

Our Code Of Conduct

This is a course in Moral & Political Philosophy, as applied to the ethical problems faced by business, broadly defined to include private and public sectors. While the course connects individual and corporate ethical behaviour, the main focus will be on the latter. The course is designed to help students ‘think for themselves’, using ethical theory, and will encourage political and moral debate rather than providing simple answers. As you progress through the course, you’ll gain a deeper awareness of philosophical thinking, the skills of argument and presentation, and the methodology of philosophy. You’ll study business ethics in depth, and have the opportunity to select from a range of other modules offered by Henley Business School. Our team is committed to challenging unfair business practices, representing shareholders in petitions or actions against individual directors and providing robust advocacy in all aspects of commercial litigation.

Our Ethics Policy Statement sets out our commitment to acting honestly, fairly and with integrity at all times, to comply with the law, and to treat people with respect. By so acting, we earn the trust of our clients, employees, business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders. Luckily, there are many different ways to operate ethically so companies can choose the ethical practices and approaches that best suit them. If you choose an outdoor print solution from a print specialist who can produce these products ethically, you can boost your reputation among your target audience even more. Ethical behaviour can significantly benefit a company, namely by improving their reputation which can help boost sales and profits.

  • With a strong focus on business ethics, the programme will help you apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios, and its versatility will enhance your employability and help prepare you for your career after graduation.
  • This will boost productivity, as indicated by a 2015 survey of more than 2,000 Brits which found that 36 percent of people would work harder if they knew their company helped society.
  • And in addition to your focus on philosophy, business, and ethics, you’ll have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of optional modules outside of your core subject areas.

However, although a company might have less freedom to maximise profit, acting responsibly benefits the wider society. Ethical behaviour also significantly boosts a company’s reputation, which has a knock-on effect on attracting and retaining customers, sales, investors and employees. Improvements in working conditions, such as providing workers with living wage and having proper health and safety standards in place, are ethical but raises the amount it costs to run these factories.

Foundations Of Business Ethics

After all, they don’t want to be partially responsible for any unethical consequences, such as contributing to the deforestation of an area or poverty due to underpaying labourers. Confidential reporting is managed day-to-day by the Group Head of Internal Audit in order to facilitate independent investigations where required. Updates are provided to the Audit Committee and Risk & CSR Committee on the number of cases reported, the topics being raised in the reports, and the status of the investigations.

Employees are also provided with refresher courses to ensure their knowledge is kept up to date. In addition, our values are formally part of our performance management system and end of year appraisal. We know this is critical for our success because it builds trust and transparency between QinetiQ and our key stakeholders. We encourage everyone involved with Petrofac, to Speak Up if they have concerns about unethical behaviour or activity.

Developing, implementing and maintaining business ethics can be time consuming, particularly if a company is looking to become more ethical when they’ve previously followed unethical practices. Ethical practices also need to be continuously updated according to changes in laws and regulations, especially as a company grows. This is supported by a dedicated compliance and investigations team, new systems and technologies, mandatory training, and a company culture based on ethical business conduct and transparency.

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