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To ensure that your company’s efforts are seen as genuine, it’s important to review your expectations to ensure they dovetail with the company’s mission and vision. Our compliance and ethics programme also includes our Code of Conduct for Suppliers, which sets out the key principles of ethical conduct that our suppliers agree must be upheld when working with us. When an organisation asks you to comply with its Code of Conduct, it can seem like an imposition. Our Values underpin everything we do, including whom we choose to do business with and how we and our suppliers work together. The IBE’s purpose is to champion the highest standards of ethical behaviour in business.

  • Ethical behaviour is part of the corporate culture, and the appropriate language and behaviour start at the top.
  • In the UK we are an active member of the MOD-Industry Sustainable Procurement Working Group.
  • Our team is committed to challenging unfair business practices, representing shareholders in petitions or actions against individual directors and providing robust advocacy in all aspects of commercial litigation.
  • This is supported by a dedicated compliance and investigations team, new systems and technologies, mandatory training, and a company culture based on ethical business conduct and transparency.
  • Expect our business partners to implement and enforce effective systems to counter bribery and corruption.
  • The expectations for good business ethics and corporate social responsibility are at an all-time high and continually growing.

Within the Code we provide guidance to ensure employees are aware of, and understand, their ethical and legal responsibilities, and cover issues relating to employees, customers, shareholders and the community. Employees are given support on a range of topics such as diversity; safety; managing information; anti-bribery and corruption; and the environment. To ensure good business ethics and social responsibility, many companies establish an ethics management program that aligns with their mission, vision, and values. A corporate ethics program is designed to teach employees the values and policies which set the behavioural standard for those who work and in and around the company. It shows that companies are putting greater attention on adopting ethics programs, adding them into a broader environmental, social, and governance framework.

Foundations Of Business Ethics

We have a clearSpeak Up Policy, which offers various channels for raising concerns, including an externally administered and monitored confidential reporting line, Safecall, which is extensively promoted within Subsea 7 Group. All personnel are encouraged to utilise one of these reporting channels if they become aware of a possible breach of our Code of Conduct or have other concerns in respect of unethical conduct. The disruptions caused by COVID-19 have heightened the risk of unethical behavior in different sectors, including in healthcare, where trust is our lifeblood. We’ve seen an outbreak of misinformation during the pandemic, ranging from fake cures, false claims, and harmful health advice. We’ve seen bad-acting opportunists take advantage to trade illegitimate or non-compliant products.

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Such a mindset might be a fashion brand whose clothes are sourced, designed and produced in ways that are kind to the environment and the workers. Or it could be a print company whose materials are sourced sustainably, the labourers are paid an appropriate living wage and the printing processes do not damage the environment. Each of these provides essential feedback and influences the design of our compliance and Ethics programme in a continuous improvement cycle. Our people in key roles across the business are empowered and qualified with more direct lines of communication to senior management. Search and apply to our latest roles and find out how we support our people to thrive in a delivery-focused culture.

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Plus, it means they can be comfortable knowing they’re not indirectly contributing to unethical practices. Whatever the industry, an ethical way of doing business can be that company’s USP . Customers feel better about parting with their money if they know the goods will have been produced ethically and responsibly. Oversight of our anti-bribery and corruption programme is provided by our Chief Ethics Officer who provides quarterly briefs of the programme status to the Chief Executive Officer and the Risk & CSR Committee. We also provide more in-depth anti-bribery training for those in higher risk roles,.

“integrity Is One Of Our Core Values, And We Apply The Highest Ethical Standards To Everything We Do “

When a company cares about its behaviour, impact and environmental footprint, it’s also better for society overall. If employees need help or advice, they are advised to talk to their manager first but we also provide ethics email advice services a network of Ethics Champions and a confidential reporting line. The confidential reporting line is independently run and provides a confidential 24/7 service.

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