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Taking out specialist insurance can be a good idea in some fields. Cyber and data insurance could be especially important for anyone who uses data – including computer programmers and marketing professionals. Any business can face a cyber-attack and it can take time and money to put things right – that’s what our cover is there for. Cyber cover also protects against claims arising from data breaches if you or an employee accidentally shares sensitive information.

  • We don’t need your company registration number or any business registration information.
  • If a waiter working at a restaurant slips on a wet floor where there’s no sign and breaks their leg, then you might needemployers’ liability insurance.
  • Whatever you do for a living, accidents can happen, and they’re not always directly related to the job.
  • Our policy includes cover suited to a variety of businesses – from food and drink, to retail and hospitality.
  • Other policies, such as public liability cover, can offer invaluable reassurance and protection.

Aviva Risk Insights Report Discover the latest research to learn about the key risks UK businesses are facing today. Business Vehicle and Van Insurance Cover your business vehicle with our comprehensive or third party, fire and theft insurance. Different businesses will need different levels of cover, so the cost of insuring a business will differ. We let you design your own Small business insurance, so you’re in control of what aspects of your business you insure and how much you pay.

Our FAQ guide to cyber-attacks for small businesses runs through the basics, key statistics and some things you can do to stay safer online. Hiscox offers specialist cover for all kinds of companies, from new micro-businesses to family enterprises and growing SMEs, across a wide range of industry sectors. We may be able to offer you cover based on your business sector.


When you cover your electrical items and tech you get Business Tech Essentials. Which means if your essential tech – like laptops, mobiles or tablets – are stolen or damaged we’ll replace them within 24 hours of claim approval. We are specialised in providing solutions for medium to large trades and services companies, operating locally and internationally. AIG’s global presence means we can offer programs tailored to specific customer needs anywhere in the world, together with logistical support and local market knowledge.

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Professional indemnity insurance can cover compensation claims made against you by a client because you’ve made a mistake in your work and they’ve suffered a financial loss as a result. Depending on what you do, you can also choose up to £5 million professional indemnity insurance. The same rules apply – the bigger your client, a higher the level of cover needed. Business insurance gives you protection from everyday business risks to large, unexpected compensation claims.

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There are different types of cover available to suit your business needs. We’ve helped customers with cases such as the software professional accused of sub-standard development work and also the wildlife photographer whose photography kit was stolen by baboons. Whether or not you’re legally required to have business insurance depends on your particular business. Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for most businesses that have staff, while other types of cover, such as professional indemnity, may be required by regulatory bodies. If you have one or more employees, then it’s likely your business is legally required to have employers’ liability insurance. Find out more about the difference between public liability and employers’ liability.

Get an online quote for business insurance today to find out how Hiscox commercial cover can keep your empire healthy. People power is everything for the UK’s small businesses and particularly for micro-businesses including start-ups. That’s why personal accident insurance could be so important – if you or an employee is unable to work due to an accidental injury, we’ll keep your business healthy with up to £250 per week. If a serious accident affects your livelihood, this type of cover also pays out a lump sum.

Concentrate on your good cause and get the right cover for your organisation, whether you’re large, small, grass-roots or anything in between. We help charities, clubs and community groups find the cover they need, including trustee insurance and public liability insurance. We offer additional insurance cover for tools, stock and equipment, plus commercial landlord cover for buildings, contents and loss of rent. Protection against claims for property damage when working on-site or at a client’s home.

Business insurance covers your business from unexpected losses e.g. if your equipment is stolen or you make a mistake and your clients decide to sue. As a business owner, self-employed consultant or a freelancer you need to factor certain risks in your day-to-day work. Depending on your profession you may need public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, contents insurance or other types of cover. Use our quote tool to check how we can help and cover your company.

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