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Should Your SMB’s Growth Strategy Include A Business Management System Upgrade?

primbondh/ July 28, 2022/ business management

CEO of Acumatica.

Small business owners want to see their companies grow: getting more customers, edging out competitors and establishing brand longevity. Such growth, which shows that the company is meeting market needs, is a satisfying confirmation for business owners. It means the risks they’ve taken have paid off.

The digital marketplace is challenging in 2022. But the good news is that many small business owners feel confident about their future. A recent survey by Capital One found that—despite inflation, rising interest rates and the tight labor market—small business owners remain optimistic and are motivated to grow their organizations.

But with increased growth comes complexity and greater responsibility. When a small business or startup shifts toward being a mid-size company, it must establish a growth plan and make sure it has the right software and tools to scale effectively. Many growing businesses discover they have outgrown their digital

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