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Marketer: What Are the Duties of a Marketing?

primbondh/ August 4, 2022/ marketing

Marketer: What Are the Duties of a Marketing?

Marketer- After college majoring in marketing, what can you work into? You can become a sales executive, marketing manager, digital marketing, marketing communication, to marketing director.

It turns out that the type of marketing is divided again according to the field. If so, what exactly is marketing and what are its duties? Read more information below.

A. What is marketing?

Marketing has an understanding, namely activities to meet consumer needs starting from production, pricing, and promotion until there is a sales transaction.

The work of a marketer is increasing because currently, online transactions are starting to develop. Thus, marketing will use a more sophisticated and broad marketing strategy. Examples are the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), websites, and others.

B. Marketing Tasks

What are the duties of a marketer? Here are a number of marketing tasks that must and must be accounted for.

1. Make Product Planning

Products … Read More

Consultant: These 8 Career Tips

primbondh/ June 28, 2022/ marketing

Consultant- An easy question to answer actually. However, it must be explained thoroughly which at the same time is able to motivate them.

For a career as a business consultant, some tips for becoming a consultant are:

Consultants must be able to carry out the tasks assigned by the client

The main task of the consultant is to provide services to clients to be able to solve problems, needs, and challenges that are being faced by clients. A successful consultant is one who is able to translate or find problems, needs, and challenges that are being faced by his clients, carry out data collection and analysis and then provide advice and recommendations to clients.

Consultants Work with Pre-Determined Deadlines

Do not get into the habit of procrastinating the execution of work. So, after understanding all the tasks, immediately plan and carry out follow-up activities that lead to problem-solving. Delaying the … Read More

Four easy steps to trade the gold market

primbondh/ June 11, 2021/ marketing

In the past, only skilled traders used to trade the gold market. But due to the advancement of technology, retail traders are slowly learning to trade precious metal. Taking the trades in precious metal might be similar to currency trading business but there few things which make this industry completely different. So, if you expect to make money by using currency trading, you might be disappointed.

The price of gold is usually measured in the U.S dollar. So, a slight change in the value of the U.S dollar significantly impacts the gold market. The professional traders know this fact very well and thus they take cautious steps. Now let’s see some amazing steps by which we can trade the gold market like the pro trader.

Analyze the U.S dollar index

We have already said that the price of gold is measured in the U.S dollar. So, to trade the gold … Read More