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Most modern monitors use some form of Liquid Crystal Display technology. Monitors are normally measured diagonally in inches – typically 22, 24 or 27 inches. Larger or ultra wide-screen monitors allow you to compare two documents on-screen. Which LCD technology you should use will depend on the cost of it, and whether you require true colour reproduction or high screen refresh rates. Discover more about computer form factors and how they apply to your hardware. Find prices, specs and customer reviews to help choose the best device for you.

As well as your business computer, you’ll probably want to buy a printer, scanner and other hardware. Computer hardware – whether desktop or mobile – has a huge impact on how you work. While you do updates, check to make sure you’re using the programs on your system, and consider deleting any programs and files you no longer use. Decluttering helps ensure that your computer doesn’t get bogged down with unnecessary data.

Choosing computer accessories

Workplace computers are different from the computers you buy for personal use. Typically they are designed to operate for much longer hours than a consumer equivalent. They also need to be configured as a University asset to work fully and securely on the University network and with other University services. You should dispose of old hardware in an environmentally friendly way. In some cases, the manufacturer can arrange free collection from you. Retailers or suppliers may charge you to dispose of the equipment.

  • Placements provide you with the opportunity to learn technical skills in a ‘live’ work environment.
  • Computer hardwareis the umbrella term used to describe the physical collection of elements that complete a whole computer system.
  • The Hardware tab, shows you all the hardware information of that computer.
  • This quiz tests you on some of the main parts, or hardware, of a computer.
  • It aims to give an overall understanding of the issues and constraints involved in wired and wireless communication systems.

Complex Instruction Set Computer processors use complex instructions. Each requires many clock cycles to execute, but accomplishes a lot of work. Reduced Instruction Set Computer processors use fewer, simpler instructions.

Hosted Desktops

Ransomwareis software that aims to block the victim from accessing their files, or threatens to publish sensitive information unless a ransom is paid. Even simple forms of the software are so sophisticated that a knowledgeable person would struggle to reverse it. A mobile phone is a portable telephone that makes and receives calls over a radio frequency. These devices, which many people today say they ‘can’t live without’ have only existed for the last 44 years. Thin clients can be used to enter shared sets of virtual applications, and shared or virtual desktops, to process data or access vast amounts of stored data.

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