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Fees illustrated are based on academic year 22/23 entry and are subject to an annual increase. HND applications may be considered for Year 2 entry where the curriculum sufficiently matches that of the Ulster University full – time Year 1 course. It provides the student with knowledge of the tools and techniques of modern systems analysis, essential to the creation of information systems using industrial best practice. This module addresses the various options involved in designing a computer system, the range of design considerations, and the trade-offs involved in the design process. Funding to support student internship opportunities and Student Society/Club events.

  • We have a direct Apply System which makes application easy and fast for international students.
  • Monitoring software gives teachers the ability to block certain programs on the students’ computers so that only particular apps would be accessible.
  • Funding to support student internship opportunities and Student Society/Club events.
  • Classroom computer monitoring can help guide students’ attention from the Internet back to the lesson, which in turn helps teachers relax and focus on the lesson instead of constant worrying about what their students are actually busy with.
  • If your study continues into future academic years your fees are subject to an annual increase.
  • The University of Glasgow awards c.50 undergraduate Talent Scholarships each academic year to support students who could face financial difficulties in taking up their place to study at the University.

Exemption from parts may be considered based on appropriate performance in a related, designated course or other approved experiential learning . Normally, a module will have four learning outcomes, and no more than two items of assessment. The notional workload and the equivalence across types of assessment is standardised. Modules are either assessed by coursework only or by a combination of coursework and formal examinations .

Study computer science at Manchester and create software and hardware systems to change the way we live and work

If you have a question about buying, accessing, ordering or licensing software, you will probably find the answer to it in the Frequently Asked Questions list below. Once you print, either using your own device or a University computer in the LRC, your print will be available at any of our self-services devices, providing pick up is within 72 hours. You can print, scan or copy documents yourself using our self-service devices available across both campuses, which you can find using Wayfinding on the Herts Mobile app. You will have free access to the internet at the University of Hertfordshire using a compatible device. Office 365 is a powerful suite of tools that offers familiar applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive for storing and sharing documents, and Microsoft Teams for online meetings, chat, and online collaboration.

Veyon – free-of-charge classroom computer monitoring software that’s compatible with Windows and Linux. Such software allows teachers to share a particular student’s screen with the rest of the class and congratulate them on their outstanding work. It creates a ripple effect, and all students start working harder to receive appreciation and acknowledgement from the teacher in front of everyone. As a result, a teacher has better control over their students’ behavior, seeing how all their activity is being recorded and monitored during the entire time they are in the class.

Microsoft Business Intelligence: Reporting and Analysis Boot Camp CBT

The normal study load expectation for an undergraduate full-time course of study in the standard academic year is 120 credit points. This amounts to around hours of expected teaching and learning per week, inclusive of attendance requirements for lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical work, fieldwork or other scheduled classes, private study, and assessment. Part-time study load is the same as full-time pro-rata, with each credit point representing 10 hours of student effort. As part of your course induction, you will be provided with details of the organisation and management of the course, including attendance and assessment requirements – usually in the form of a timetable. For full-time courses, the precise timetable for each semester is not confirmed until near the start date and may be subject to change in the early weeks as all courses settle into their planned patterns.

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This is an increasingly important area of computing as these types of systems are now manifest in a wide range of internet/intranet based application domains. The module first covers the key theory and design principles and then provides a learning path for software development in this exciting and evolving area of computing/engineering. As a consequence it facilitates students to develop expertise in the core skills area of multithreaded, networked and web-enabled computer systems.

You will take courses on key areas of the subject, including programming, computer systems, databases and human networks and operating systems interaction. Discounted and free software is available to staff and students of Imperial College London. For details of currently available software packages and information about how to order them, visit the software for students or software for staff pages as appropriate. The eduroam Wi-Fi service is the best choice for staff and students and saves you time by logging in automatically whenever you are on campus.

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