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If you are a student of any other college and you wish to be considered for second year entry, you must submit your full transcript and a copy of the syllabus you have followed so that we can assess your suitability. UCAS is a UK organisation responsible for managing applications to university and college. Our in-house Postgraduate Careers Team provides expert advice and guidance so that you can make an informed decision about the right career path for you. Many of your assessments will involve industry engagement, real case examples, and practical solutions to contemporary business problems. Exams – these might be closed book, multiple choice, oral , short questions, seen case study/unseen exam question, open book, timed submission, etc.

If you have completed a 2 year certificate or diploma at a local college, you may be considered for admission to undergraduate programmes in some subjects. Students with Certificates in Accountancy can be considered for entry to year one of the Accountancy, Economics, and Money, Banking and Finance programmes, provided a minimum GPA of 3.5 is obtained. In addition, a candidate must reach the appropriate level of English requirement for the particular course. For study on our Foundation and Undergraduate programmes, English language at grade C or above in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education is sufficient to meet the standard English language requirements.

You will complete the programme by undertaking either a placement with a work-based learning project, or a more traditional research project. Holders of the Apolytirio with a minimum overall score of 18+/20 plus 2 GCE A levels will be considered for entry to the first year of our undergraduate degree programmes. The Apolytirio + 1 A level may be considered at the discretion of departments, if high grades and required subjects are offered. In the final year of our degree you will have the opportunity to build on your experiences on placement or studying abroad. You will be able to tailor your degree and choose more advanced optional modules that suit your career ambitions. Among others, these include an exclusive set of international business modules, and a wide range of options in management, finance, marketing, operations, analytics, human resource management, and new business development.

The dissertation project normally entails the collection of primary data, a detailed discussion of the research methodology and conclusions/recommendations and the contextual value of the findings. International Business is focused on organisations that do not limit their operations to a single nation state, such as Citigroup and Google. The MSc programme in International Business considers why these organisations exist, how they are successful in the ever-changing global environment, and what their activities mean for the different countries in which they do business.

Our students have enjoyed great success in finding employment, and are quickly given high levels of responsibility. Fees are reviewed annually and are likely to take into account inflationary pressures. For courses which require achievement in GCSE Maths, we normally look for a score of C or higher in Maths in the Certificate of Secondary Education . Students who took theAvgångsbetyg / Slutbetyg från Gymnasieskolaunder the old grading system are considered on a case by case basis with most courses requiring a majority of ‘VG’ and ‘MVG’ grades. Students with a Diploma from one of Singapore’s five Polytechnics would be considered for first year entry with requirements ranging from2.50to3.10. Students with a score of 8.0 with 80% average from best 4 state exams would be considered on a case by case basis for the Foundation Year.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and career stages, so you will be learning alongside people with a wide range of experiences. This creates a stimulating, supportive learning environment and gives you unparalleled opportunities for networking and making contacts with other professionals. Our tutorial/seminar sessions also let you interact closely with your peers and develop insights into analysing and interpreting wide and varied topics in international business.

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