Marketer: What Are the Duties of a Marketing?

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Marketer: What Are the Duties of a Marketing?

Marketer- After college majoring in marketing, what can you work into? You can become a sales executive, marketing manager, digital marketing, marketing communication, to marketing director.

It turns out that the type of marketing is divided again according to the field. If so, what exactly is marketing and what are its duties? Read more information below.

A. What is marketing?

Marketing has an understanding, namely activities to meet consumer needs starting from production, pricing, and promotion until there is a sales transaction.

The work of a marketer is increasing because currently, online transactions are starting to develop. Thus, marketing will use a more sophisticated and broad marketing strategy. Examples are the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), websites, and others.

B. Marketing Tasks

What are the duties of a marketer? Here are a number of marketing tasks that must and must be accounted for.

1. Make Product Planning

Products to be sold must be planned in advance. Why? Because before selling the product, the product must be known about its composition, function, quality, etc. so that the product can be made properly and optimally.

The task of product planning is the responsibility of a marketing person. Therefore, marketing must understand exactly what the product will be marketed through various processes.

2. Maintain good relationship with customers

In the marketing process, a marketer needs to establish good relationships with consumers. If the relationship can be built well, then the marketing process can run smoothly too. This is a straight comparison. If the relationship between sellers and consumers is bad, then the marketing process is also not going well.

A marketer needs to make good communication with consumers. Marketers must be friendly, patient, and smiling. At least, marketers must be able to respond to consumers well.

3. Analyze and research the market and customers

What needs to be monitored and observed properly for a smooth marketing process? Of course the target market and customers of the product. A marketer must know the target market that will get the product.

Marketers also need to research the tastes or criteria for the ideal product that customers are looking for. If the product you have has many shortcomings compared to competitors, a marketer must be able to ensure that the product has advantages that will greatly help customers who buy the product.

4. Doing marketing and promotion

From the name alone, a marketer is in the middle of the marketing process. Of course, a marketer must market the product in his own way. Marketers will also be involved in the promotion process.

The purpose of this marketer’s task is to introduce products to consumers by showing various compositions, advantages, quality, functions, and prices. Marketers must focus on consumer problems so that the product has an important role to be the most appropriate solution.

5. Manage and supervise social media

Because they have full responsibility in product marketing, a marketer needs to observe and manage the kiosk where they market their products. Today, in the digital era, social media has almost become the main place for marketing as well as transactions.

Therefore, a marketer must be able to manage and supervise social media. A marketer can find out an innovative trend to apply it to a product or just interact with consumers, to analyze consumer attitudes towards the product.

There are many marketing tasks. However, if you want to work and focus on one area, you can. The important thing is that you already know that basically, the job of a marketing person is like the points above. Here is the article if you are looking for about health bakkerenleenheer

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