Principles of Business Ethics

Primbondh/ March 6, 2019/ business ethics

According to one source that the author cites there are five principles of business ethics according to Keraf (1994: 71-75) including:

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1. The principle of Autonomy. Autonomy is the attitude and ability of humans to act on their own consciousness. Acting autonomously presupposes the freedom to make decisions and act according to that decision. Autonomy also presupposes responsibility. In the business world, a person’s responsibility includes responsibility for himself, the owner of the company, consumers, the government, and society.

2. The principle of Honesty. The principle of honesty includes fulfilling the terms of the agreement or contract, the quality of the goods or services offered, and the work relations within the company. This principle is the most problematic because there are still many business people committing fraud.

3. Principles Don’t Do Evil and Do Good. This principle directs us to actively and optimally do good or benefit others, and if that cannot be done, we at least do not do anything that is detrimental to other people or business partners.

4. The principle of Justice. This principle requires that we give what is a person’s right where achievements are rewarded with equal achievements.

5. The principle of Respect for Yourself. This principle directs us to treat someone as we want to be treated and not treat others as we do not want to be treated.

Violations of business ethics can weaken the competitiveness of industrial products on the international market. This can happen to the attitude of our entrepreneurs. Even worse if employers underestimate business ethics that apply in general and not binding it. The tendency of the increasing number of violations of business ethics makes the concern of many parties. Neglecting business ethics is felt to bring harm not only to the community but also to the national economic order. Whether we realize it or not, entrepreneurs who do not pay attention to business ethics will destroy their own name and country.

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