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Best Batch Cooking Recipes

primbondh/ July 2, 2022/ General

Alison has promised Dermot the most “delicious meal he’ll ever eat”. She’s taking over the kitchen today to make her mum’s classic dish. 60% of each page is blank white, with a few random stars and borders and swirly letters acting as padding. Most annoying are the ‘top tips’ boxes on each page, filled with useful things like ‘use the freshest ingredients you can get your hands on’.

A perfect cake to serve as a gluten-free treat, that’s so delicious everyone will want some. This recipe is inspired by the chocolate nemesis cake served in the River Café. To finish, add some olives, cherry tomatoes or tiny sprigs of rosemary. Whether you follow a vegetarian diet or are just trying not to eat meat every day, these tasty recipes are perfect weekday meals for the whole family.

‘Mulled’ means heated with spices, which is just the thing for the cold … Read More