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In the UK, Bank of Ireland is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland and the Prudential Regulation Authority and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Details about the extent of our authorisation and regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority, and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority are available from us on request. By proceeding any further you will be deemed to have read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement. The impact of the war in Ukraine is being felt across different sectors.

A company, on the other hand, is a separate legal entity and provides for limited liability, as well as corporate tax rates. A company structure is more complicated and expensive to set up, but offers more protection and benefits for the owner. They provide products and services that can be purchased by individuals and other companies. Businesses range … Read More

Business & Management Online Courses

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It can be useful to study whether you’re working in a business environment or you’re starting your own business. With the ability to take your course online and from the comfort of your own home, you can learn however suits you. Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of business, study supply chain management, or explore leadership theory, you can do so on your own terms. Get ahead in the world of business by learning with experts from the world’s top universities, business schools and specialist organisations. Further your career with an online communication, leadership, or business management course.

We also offer microcredentials that can earn you academic credit, as well as accredited programs made up of several courses. These give you the opportunity to explore a particular niche in greater detail. There are many reasons you may choose to take business or management courses. For some, it gives them … Read More

Home GardeningHome Gardening Courses

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Because of these trends, the diets of many poor people have lost their original variety of traditional foods and they lack enough income to buy a varied and adequate diet. Home gardens can help improve family nutrition, encourage traditional varieties, improve health, produce medicinal plants and save money. Try adding perennial plants to your flower beds – these are plants that live for many years and will help grow over time and fill more space. There are lots of low maintenance garden plant options, such as crocosmia, Lily-of-the-valley, hardy geraniums and lupin, the classic cottage garden plant. Make sure you choose plants that are suitable for the sunlight and soil conditions of your garden.

  • For tips on all aspects of holiday letting, take a look at our other blogs and guides at our Owner Advice Centre.
  • Organisation Consider carefully how to organise production – in either individual or communal plots
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Business Development Courses & Training

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As a business development manager, you’ll identify new business opportunities in order to generate revenue, improve profitability and help the business grow. Reed Courses advertises a variety of free online Business development courses. Alternatively you’ll be able to enrol on an online Business development course of your choosing, and study entirely online.

  • Jobs are often advertised with a basic salary and a higher on-target earnings figure.
  • You’ll work in an office environment, but will frequently travel within the day for face-to-face meetings with customers and other business partners.
  • Obergine is an award winning Creative & Digital Marketing Agency that crafts brand stories with useful and entertaining experiences that customers love and businesses benefit from.
  • Your time will be split between on-the-job experience and a college or training provider.
  • The expected salary for a business development manager varies as you become more experienced.

A highly creative and design-led Architecture Practice is … Read More

Business And Management Courses

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The unit aims to establish a conceptual framework for understanding industrial relations based on academic theories and research data. A further aim is to develop analytical skills that look beyond symptoms and to encourage judgement founded on an understanding of likely outcomes/implications. This unit is concerned with the way organisations manage and organise their human resources at work, and is thus concerned with the processes that surround managing people from a strategic perspective that focuses on operational practice.

Our careers team is available to support you from the start of your studies until after you graduate. They will help you build your CV, prepare for interviews, and meet and learn from successful graduates working at the top of their careers. You’ll also have opportunities to work with our partners across London and beyond, and to attend a Roehampton jobs fair where you can find out about graduate opportunities and meet … Read More