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6 Easy lifestyle choices for a healthier you

primbondh/ July 4, 2022/ General

Do as much as you can, or want to, as this will help you to keep as active and strong as possible. Sometimes making a small change can make a big difference to getting things done. For example, doing more shopping online, sitting down to do the ironing or bulk cooking items on a good day and freezing them.

  • Sleep apnea has been shown to cause degeneration of brain tissue and the brain stem .
  • You can tell when it’s vigorous activity because you’re breathing hard and fast, and your heart rate has increased quite a bit.
  • Our growth, experiences, and some of the variances of our personalities are molded through social engagement.
  • Alcohol misuse is linked to crime and disorder, antisocial behaviour, assault, domestic violence and is a major cause of illness and death (see our ‘Cohesive Community well-being goal‘ summary for further information).
  • Paying attention to portion size
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