Legal and Political Theory MA

Primbondh/ July 16, 2022/ General

Courses comprise modules for which the notional effort involved is indicated by its credit rating. Undergraduate courses typically contain 10- or 20-credit modules and postgraduate course typically 15- or 30-credit modules. The principal teaching methods on this course are lecture, seminar and independent learning. The lectures are largely expository but student participation in seminars in the form of question and answer sessions is encouraged.

It will analyse the crucial role played by digital frontiers in border cooperation between the EU and third-countries. In the third part, the module will centre on the different political uses and appropriations of digital technologies by migrants, activists and as part of citizen mobilisations. It will take into account critical migration scholarship on border controls and migrant subjectivities . This research-led module explores the entanglements between migration, humanitarianism and technology in Europe and at its external frontiers. The module engages with debates and literature in … Read More