The Best Small Business Ideas For 2022

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Although there is quite a bad reputation with regards to online surveys, you will be surprised to learn there are plenty of opportunities that actually pay out. This is quite an open ended small business idea as you can pretty much do anything you like with this. Fiverr is a fantastic website to dip your toes into the entrepreneurial pond, it’s a quick and simple way to gain experience in any field of work which you specialise in. If you wish to learn more about affiliate marketing then you can find a helpful guide here.

And to make some money, you can sell advertising space to local businesses, organise exclusive deals and discounts to offer readers, or even run some competitions. In terms of reaching your potential customer base, you can target businesses through email marketing; you can also partner with video production companies as a sub-contractor. To market your voiceover skills, you can start by listing yourself on freelancer websites like Fiverr to build up a portfolio. As you build your portfolio, you’ll want to set up your brand and website and started targeting larger clients and charging higher prices.

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Printing via home/standard business printers is often expensive, lacks quality and is slow when it comes to large volumes of printed materials (business cards, leaflets, posters…). This is why commercial printers exist, allowing individuals and businesses to order high quality, efficient and low-cost printing at quantity. Particularly when it comes to pampering in the form of grooming, there has been a surge in the amount of people who want to get their pets groomed, particularly dogs. With fewer people owning cars , the need for chauffer’s who can drive persons to and from there destinations has grown. This has been coupled with the explosion of taxi and ride apps including Uber and Lyft, meaning the demand for chauffeurs/drivers has never been more. A vehicle is one of the biggest purchases an individual or business will make, both those groups tend to care greatly about the presentation of those vehicles, and thus car washing services are always in sought out.

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In a fast paced and overworked world, everyone needs to try and find some sort of release to help stress levels. This has in effect created a large demand for tai chi and yoga instructors that can provide the stress relief with classes focused around deep-breathing and relaxation. A great way to get started as an instructor would be to offer your services to the local gyms, parks and other venues that offer similar classes.

  • It’s important to know it is illegal to resell tickets for sporting events unless you have express permission from the said sporting club/organisation to do so.
  • With no experience needed, this is a job that is surprisingly lucrative; wouldn’t you want to spend a few pounds a week to prevent your pooch messing on the floor and give him some well-needed exercise?
  • If you have a natural talent for this line of work then you will not require any qualification to start generating business.
  • The ease of selling through platforms like Etsy and eBay means new retailers can get their businesses up and running quickly.
  • This should be an especially good seller at the start of term, as students are starting uni and are looking for ways to decorate their rooms on a budget.

One of the first and most popular business models to come from the rise of the internet and the ability to work from anywhere is the blog. These are an online equivalent to magazine articles and columns, and you can easily set one up for free to cover an array of topics that interest you, and that you think will be useful to others. Some of the most successful products and businesses have resulted from pure luck or accident.

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By marketing your services in your local area , you may be able to quickly build up a list of clients. Setting up your own website and having a business phone number will be crucial for this work, and you will need to have public liability insurance coverage before you start. Because your reputation will be built on word of mouth, you may wish to set up social media accounts , or partner with a local gym so you can reach out to their client base.

Although very time consuming it’s a very simple business idea and is typically quite well paid although competitive market . For marketing you can send letters to other local businesses, attend networking events and join local business groups (i.e. British Chambers of Commerce) to meet new accounting clients. To start an accounting business, you’ll need to have basic accounting qualifications and be registered with the Institute of Financial accountants.

For example, selling on eBay came from the idea of car boot sales, selling unwanted items to a wide audience. The beauty of creating a business that offers cleaning services is that it’s incredibly versatile and can grow at your own pace. You can choose if you would like to offer your services to commercial or domestic clients and you can easily manage your workflow from the amount of contracts you have in place. There is also very little in the way of start up costs, marketing is usually irrelevant in this line of work as you will mostly get clients from word of mouth recommendation.

Setting up a profile takes just minutes and you could simply start off by creating one product to test the waters, for the right person it really is a wonderful business opportunity. Mart Abramov, CEO of TaxScouts, shares the positives and negatives of being a sole trader or a limited company, so you can make the best choice for your growing business. The downside of any holiday let, says Brierley, is that amount of maintenance involved. Plus you need to organise maintenance, laundry and cleaning at a time when there currently a shortage of staff. “It’s something that other holiday-let owners worry about too,” says Brierley.

To get started, you’ll need a professional brand, product range, stock and access to a POS system (card machines, till, payment gateway…). In terms of marketing, you can start by asking friends and family about their gardening needs and by leafletting your local area. This type of business grows heavily based of word of mouth marketing, so it’s essential you keep your customers happy, it’s all about building a repeat customer base whose gardens you regularly maintain. To establish a hairdressing business, you’ll need to have a strong technical knowledge of cutting/styling many different types of hair as well as all the appropriate tools of the trade (trimmers, scissors…).

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