What Documents to Bring When Consulting With Notary Registration Service?

Primbondh/ February 26, 2019/ business service

Valid identity document is essential for every notary service. Are you single, married or divorced? This matters the most in terms of any legal registration. This is why notaries require a verification of your marital status. Worried about getting this document a little early, it has a validity of a few months. You will not have to check the opening hours of your municipal registry at the last minute.

The rest of the documents will be formalities of the seller or agency that is following you. But a phone calls to the notary the day before to know if it’s all right, you would do it anyway. Remember that the seller will have to provide you with an original copy of the energy performance certificate and, if it is a condominium, the certification of the administrator on the balance of the condominium expenses made.

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The keys

The delivery of the keys, even more than the signing of the notary deed, symbolizes the successful transfer of the property from the seller to the new owner. There is no rule that determines how many copies of keys the buyer should receive. Common sense would say that all of the locks of the building must be delivered. The rule of common sense sometimes clashes with the reality of events, where something is missing or not sure that those received are all copies made over the years.

Advice – An immediate investment to change all locks, a copy for each family member of all keys, one hidden somewhere in an emergency, and a reminder listing all the house keys! Be careful when the seller asks you a few days to clear the last things from the building. No worries, it is a rather common practice. It is sufficient to determine it in advance, and to include within the deed a clause concerning deferred possession of the property – beyond the agreed date, an economic penalty will be issued to the seller, for each day of delay in delivery.

At the end

After the sale, you are finally “publicly” owner of your new home. The last task will be to pay the notary’s bill. If the estimate has been made “documents in hand” you will not have any surprise. The notary will give you a document certifying “the signing up”. It is an official document that you can use, for example, for the transfer of domestic users. It is not the original copy of the act, for that you will have to wait about a couple of months, the time necessary for the notary to register and write it down.

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